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Cat and Dog

In-home Visits

Customizable based on the needs of your pet(s)!

No additional charges for multiple pets!

10-minute Express Visit - $10 ea.

Quick potty break & fresh water OR small caged pets/fish only


20-minute Standard Visit - $20

(can include a 10 minute walk)


30-minute Extended Visit - $30

(can include one 15-20 minute walk)



-Love and attention to each pet (no additional charges per pet)

-Fresh food and water (as directed)

-Potty break/litter box maintenance

-Interactive playtime

-Administering medications (as agreed upon at consultation)

-Pet waste pickup/garbage out

-Home security check

-Rotating lights/blinds

-Mail/newspaper/package pickup

-Watering houseplants/outdoor plants

-Visit updates via Precise PetCare

Cat Sitting  - $15

15-minute daily visit includes fresh food and water,

litterbox maintenance, TLC, house check and meds (if applicable)

*a longer service visit may be necessary depending on the number of cats/tasks required

**add'l caged critters and fish included

Services are provided up to 3 times a day:

Morning 5am - 8am

Mid-day 12pm - 2pm

Evening 6pm - 9pm

**There will be a $15 per day additional charge for Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day services

*For the comfort and health of all indoor canines in our care, we require 3 visits daily unless a pet door is available.  No one likes to hold it for 12 hours!

*The amount agreed upon for services is due in full at the time of reservation.  We accept cash, check (made out to KMPETSITTING, LLC), credit card, Paypal, Zelle, and CashApp.  There will be a $10 service fee per day for payments not received by the invoice due date.  (should any refunds be necessary, I will address those within 3 business days of services ending)

**Cancelling services 48 hours or more before the start of services entitles you to a complete refund of all services paid.  Cancelling less than 48 hours before the start of services will entitle you to a partial refund of your fees, less 50% of the total agreed upon charges to compensate for the schedule change. *I may have turned down clients due to your reservation and not able to fill your spot on short notice.

Other Services

Going for a Walk

Dog Walking

15 minute walk - $15 (brief walk, ideal for puppies & senior dogs, smaller breeds)

30 minute walk - $25 (exercise oriented walk, best for healthy adult dogs)

Our staff can walk multiple dogs from the same household that meet the following requirements.  *All dogs being walked must be current on their vaccinations, microchipped OR wearing collar id, used to being walked, and non-aggressive.

*stand-alone dog walking services do not include feeding or home services

Dog waste yard pickup (stand-alone service)

$15/weekly,  $35/every two weeks, $50 one-time pickup, regardless of the number of dogs *standard size, maintained yards only...mowed grass, no brush or excessive stickers/leaves. Weekly services must be pre-purchased in groupings of at least 4 consecutive visits, Biweekly services must be pre-purchased in groupings of at least 2 consecutive visits. Canceling a weekly/biweekly scheduled visit will result in additional charges the following service date due to a greater accumulation of dog waste.

(Pickup is included in Standard and Extended sitting services at no add'l charge. As pet care duties are being performed, the entire yard may not be completely picked up during pet sitting services)


Return check charge - $35


We will customize services at our consultation based on what's best for your pet and your wallet!

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