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Professional Pet Sitting Services

Unfortunately, our pets can't always go on trips with us. Though you may have to leave, you can arrange for professional, loving care for your pets right in their home where they're most happy!  Our Sitters have varying degrees of experience with many breeds of dogs, cats, lizards, fish, birds (including chickens, turkeys and peacocks), rodents (such as guinea pigs, gerbils, mice and rats) and goats!  Pure-bred purchased, adopted and mixed, there's not a breed we won't provide care for!

We customize daily visits to meet your pet's individual needs.  For example, your dog might enjoy an Extended Visit in the morning to get in a walk after eating breakfast.  Mid-day, your sitter could stop by for a potty break with an Express Visit, and in the evening, we might recommend a Standard Visit to get in one last potty break, feeding and some TLC.  That's just one way to customize services so that your pets stay healthy and happy!  

Please click on the Services tab to get a general idea of service rates.  At the consultation, we will make sure you and your pets needs are fully understood. We will determine how many visits you require, discuss details specific to your home and pet's care and go over any questions or concerns you may have. Professional does not necessarily mean means quality!

Caring for Your Furry Friends

Drop-in Visits (Midland only)

Your pets maintain their regular routines in their everyday environment

Whether you are on vacation, traveling for business, or it's just another day at work, our Sitters are available to feed, walk, play, and of course, love on your pets. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are receiving plenty of love, attention, and quality care while you’re away.
Included in the Standard and Extended pet care visits, we provide home services such as mail, newspaper and/or package pick-up, watering houseplants, rotating lights and blinds, etc. Click below to see service details.

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